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The Pied Piper
Trading Post

Established 2019


The Pied Piper Trading Post


2019 – Present

Our Services

  • Brand & Corporate Identity
  • Print Design & Packaging
  • Marketing & Research
  • E commerce Website

The Goal

Develop a brand that represented quality, trust and had a bit of grit and character to it. Design printed marketing materials, banners and other items The Pied Piper could use at trade shows, in pop-up locations, as well at his main headquarters.

We also were to build a fully-functioning, secure and fast eCommerce website that allows for Pied Piper Reps/Wholesalers to access special pricing based off of a membership / tier program and where regular people could buy his products as well at retail price. 

The Pied Piper is a new client, but is growing rapidly with sales in the US and Canada. We are happy to share in that success with these guys.


Building the concept

Exploration into the wilderness… Getting into the client’s boots and really taking in nature is how this brand was forged.

Jeff Piper, owner and operator of The Pied Piper Trading Post took us for a journey into nature where we viewed live demonstrations of his products. Needless to say, we were impressed. The military grade steel, custom quality rucks and gear, everything really, left our jaws on natures floor. 

During our journey we had an in-depth conversation with Jeff about an older way of life. Old trading posts, how quality once was fruitful, but is now few and far between. Stories of him and his son exploring the wilderness together, his knowledge and tracking skills, his product demonstrations, they all gave us a clear idea of what Jeff’s vision was. It was this adventure that helped develop what is The Pied Piper Trading Post.

CreativeCarbon took my vision and brought it to life. Their service is quick, the eCommerce site is quicker and the quality is amazing and they even handled the printing aspect for me. Thanks guys!

Building an


The Website

We developed a website that allowed for people to purchase the best quality bushcrafting gear known to the North American market. Pretty important to us Canadian’s, eh?! This website includes a multi-level marketing aspect where wholesalers can get discounted pricing with a specific minimum monthly purchase amount. It has a complete custom filtering system that customers and wholesalers can use to look for specifics on products.

How To Reach Us

Our office is located in central Kingston. By appointment only.

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