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UX/UI and Web design are crucial parts of developing a strong online presence. It delivers more than just a  website that represents your brand, it delivers functionality, guides people to the right products or services and can even gear products based on a customer buying profile.

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We start by researching your brand, products / services, customers and competition. We dig deep, discovering what is working well, what people want and how we can differentiate you from your competition.


After diving into the research side of things, we begin to strategize by developing wireframes, consuming coffee and generating ideas to help separate your business from the rest of the pack.


After the wireframes are created and the ideas have hatched, we begin the design phase of your website and/or web application. This is crucial development process, speeding it up and ensuring you get exactly what you want.


A necessary and important part of everything we do is the critique phase. We sit down with our clients, go over the design, our choices and gather feedback / revisions. After collaborating with our clients we make the revisions.


After the process is complete, revisions are made and the design is ready for development; our team straps on their hard hats, funnels some coffee and begins development of your web project.
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Marketing B2B and B2C is changing. Shopping online is on the rise and ecommerce is a necessity to the survival of your business.

CreativeCarbon can help you develop a strategy to redesign your website, develop your brand and market to your target audience with content that will surely spark a connection with your customers.

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