Search engine marketing is essential to your business. Want to know why?

Search engine marketing is often confused with search engine optimization, and even though they go hand in hand, they are definitely two separate animals. Search engine marketing is using platforms like Google Ads and Facebook to advertise to your target audience, but it’s more than just online ads. Proper search engine marketing has a purpose. It creates a customer journey or sales funnel that connects your audience to exactly what they are looking for, your products or services.

Marketing With A Purpose…


Research – the fuel to the fire. Researching your target market, your competition and just digging deep into everything surrounding your business is one of the key ingredients to a successful marketing strategy.


We go into the laboratory, with whiteboards and coffee, to build the strategy for marketing your business. Generating campaign ideas, experiences for your customers and having them engage with your business.


Graphic design will play a critical role in your marketing strategy. We create a document that outlines the marketing strategy and shows a couple of example ads to deliver the “look and feel” for your marketing campaigns.


Our next steps in the process involves collaborating with you, our client. We send the marketing strategy off to you for review, schedule a meeting, get together and critique the digital document, making revisions and sending it to you for one final proof.


Here is where the magic starts to unfold! We create the monthly content calendar, digital design files needed for the marketing campaigns, writing content for the advertisements and prepping everything else to send to you for review. Once approved, we implement.


Implementation – the execution of your marketing strategy is extremely important. Before pressing the big green button, our staff goes through it for a third time with a fine tooth comb and make sure that everything is scheduled properly, forms are working etc.

What Our Clients Say,

About Our Search Engine Marketing Services

CreativeCarbon designed our website, helped solidify our brand and launched a marketing campaign through social media advertising and Google ads. In 6 months we began to see a huge return on our investment. Thanks guys!

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Creative people around a computer discussing a website. CreativeCarbon provides professional web development services to business across the globe.

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