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Sensa Stone

Relaxation is just a stone’s throw away.


Sensa Stone


2018 – Present

Our Services

  • Brand & Corporate Identity
  • eCommerce Website

  • Print Design & Packaging
  • Marketing & Research
  • Target Google Ads

The Goal

We worked with Sensa Stone to build an online presence, an eCommerce gateway, set up Google Ad campaigns to drive traffic and print design items such as business cards and rack cards so Sensa Stone could market and distribute their relaxation bathbombs fused with essential oils and CB2.

The brand needed to be warm and inviting, yet clean and somewhat medical.

Through collaboration, beer and some grub,  CreativeCarbon was able to develop the brand, marketing materials, eCommerce site and grow with Sensa Stone.

Building the concept

Sensa Stone had a clear vision from the get-go. Clean, holistic, healing, restoration and rejuvenation of the physical and mental muscles. The product is filled with essential oils, high concentration of magnesium salt and CB2, giving your body the right stuff to relax, restorate and rejuvenate.

Luckily for us, Spencer, founder of Sensa Stone, gave us some CB2 infused bathbombs to go test in our homes… let’s just say they lived up to the hype.

This calm, almost vacation like euphoria lead our design choices.

We picked a warm tropical colour palette, people relaxing & raw ingredients for photography choices and a clean san-serif font to bring in a slight medical feel.

They never fail to go above and beyond the call when it comes to work!  The ideas and execution with this company have only impressed me with my business, and their initiative on projects has saved me countless times!!

I highly recommend CreativeCarbon for all things business print/website/and guidance!

Building an


The Website

Sensa Stone’s CB2 Infused bathbombs needed a branded platform to sell their products online to their clients. We set up an educational eCommerce website that calculates shipping costs, integrates with a payment processor and is easy to use. The accents of their brand colours paired with white gives a clean, refreshing feel. 

Through the use of Google Ads, we were able to drive traffic back and make conversions, increase brand awareness and distribute products.

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