Reason #1: Your website was not designed by a professional.

If your website screams “My brother-in-law’s, nephew’s, second grade teacher built this website!” then you most definitely need a to redesign your website. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t let one of our experienced web designers fill a cavity or remove your tonsils, would you? Then leave web design up to the professionals for true market success.

Reason #2: Your website costs more than it makes.

If your company sells a product or service but your website does not effectively advertise, then you are essentially wasting time and money, this means you definitely need to redesign your website. Your site should be working for your company, not the other way around. Ensure that your website is connecting with your audience in a profitable way.

Reason #3: Your website is difficult to navigate.

If your navigation tabs are too lengthy, too vague, and/or too confusing for the reader, then it is not likely that your website will gain profitable engagement with your viewers and is always a reason to redesign your website. Navigation placement is also extremely important. Viewers should not have to scroll all over the page in order to locate the navigation tab. CreativeCarbon will properly place your websites navigation in a way that is functional and easy for website visitors.

Reason #4: Your website content is dated 1982.

Irrelevant content is the easiest way to drive viewers away from your website. Having outdated information that is not useful to your customers current needs will turn them off and deter them from dealing with your company in the future. Review your website yearly and decide what information is no longer useful and what you should improve/keep in place.

Reason #5: Your website takes too long to load.

Optimizing your loading time on your website is the best way to keep your audience’s attention. In our chaotic society, consumers are constantly on the move and are easily frustrated with slow service. This theory is even truer when engaging with companies online. With a million different options to choose from, your viewer won’t stick around if they have to wait on your website to load.

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