Direct mail can be an amazing way to create engagement and prompt action from your customers.

If executed properly, it can help you achieve a number of objectives from email database growth to website traffic increases and more! However, if your direct mail piece does not connect with the viewer it can negatively affect your ROI and can quickly become a disastrous endeavour. Here are some things to keep in mind while creating a direct mail piece:

Aesthetic Appeal

A properly formed advertisement is meant to attract attention, evoke an emotion, and encourage a reaction from your audience. Consumers are constantly inundated with advertising from every brand imaginable, including your competitors. So how do you ensure that your first impression is a good one?

Select Your Format

Before selecting your direct mail format, considering what message you are trying to convey. From there, you are able to decide which format works best to communicate your main points. Also consider your paper choice as different textures, qualities, colours, and finishes will communicate different messages.

Complementary Colours

Choose your colour combinations carefully. Certain colours can evoke different emotions in customs, driving them through or driving them away from the buying process. It is important to be conscious of what emotion you are trying to make the customer feel when selecting colors for your direct mail piece. Your colour choices should also be reflective of your branding to maintain consistency and brand recognition.

Stop Selling

The average consumer is constantly exposed to marketing and advertising through so many mediums that they have become savvy and conscious shoppers. Using cheesy taglines and cliché sales techniques simply aren’t enough anymore. Instead, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. What problem or need do they have that you are solving for them? How can you best convey that problem-solving product or service to them? Forget the all-mighty dollar, being genuine and caring for your customers will bring your business true success through brand loyalty and recurring revenue.

Get Personal

Personalize your advertisements to help connect with customers. Include the name and address of the recipient. If the advertisement looks like it has been a part of a mass mail-out, it is more likely to be discarded as junk mail. You want your customers to feel as connected with your brand as they do to their friend or neighbor. This includes taking postage and delivery into consideration as well.

Begin a successful direct marketing campaign by completing industry research, strategically planning your objectives, and aligning your messaging with your target market. Hopefully these helpful hints have inspired you to create a beautiful marketing pieces that will be exciting for your customers and profitable for your business!

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